Wondering how the economy is affecting scholarships… or otherwise…

So if things were being run the way they normally are regarding my Grad school application, the deadline for scholarship applications would be December 15th. Which is in oh… just over a week. Which isn't much time.

Of course the application isn't available (nor are the details) regarding any of the general awards competition scholarships. At this point, one would imagine that having such a thing available would be a rather good idea, if indeed the money is there to award said scholarships.

But with the market down 40%… is there any money there? That's my most forgiving look at it really. Because otherwise there would have to be another cause for the lack of application availability. And it better be a darn good one.

In other news… I successfully have too many cookies. For this I thank Kim very much for her help in the kitchen! YAY cookies! Many cookies! (did I mention yet that I probably have too many?