Venting re: the Internet

So today I've been working at a chunk of the things on my massive to-do list (and unfortunately not getting anywhere near as much accomplished as I would hope: probably even making a BIGGER mess of my room than it was before, simply trying to find things… like a rather old photograph for example… gosh I get distracted easily sometimes!). And somethings APPEAR to be easy but in reality aren't. In fact updating my investment spreadsheets ended up being among the EASIEST things that I decided to do today… homework was also relatively painless (but given that I was just reading a rather pleasurable novel, I'm not surprised!).

But ack! The Internet beckons and I do my usual routine before attacking the rest of my to-do list… which of course involves the online world. And slowly I learn to hate disagreeing websites. Why can't they just agree on application criterion? [yes I'm finally looking at grad school application junk] Each website references broken links, and help pages do not direct me to comprehensible information (and I thought the online applications for undergrad or even to join the Golden Key Honour Society were bad… *sighs*). I miss the days of paper applications, but even so, given the amount of time I spend online you'd think I would be able to deal with the ridiculousness that this is. Heck I've taken entire courses on interdisciplinarity… but really you'd think that an offered degree program ought to be explained in a comprehensible manner, such that people can actually apply into it! I rather do want to take this program — I've been mulling it over for well over a year now. Heck until today I thought I had been talking everyone's ears off about it [of course today I realized that some people didn't even know I was contemplating the MA/MLIS thing… but I still feel like I had been talking people's ears off about this desire of mine… I HAVE wanted to be a librarian since I was in second grade, and Homecoming only served to prove those intentions].

So while I remain frustrated, I'm going to plow ahead and try to get this accomplished. That said, it sure isn't easy.

In other news I'm rather pleased that other things are working out more smoothly than I thought! For example the Kiwanis club is moving closer and closer to reality — forms have been sent off apparently (and monies!), so we are definitely en route to awesomeness!