You know that tired feeling after your body has become ridiculously physically exhausted that it….

… is echoed in your mind? Well I have that now. But for good reason mind you!

So after getting all the reference letter forms off to my most excellent references (woo!) I had a most excellent Thursday night seeing a preview screening of Blindness, a most disturbing/thought provoking film (definitely not happy or meant for younger audiences) with Kim. It's nice seeing her more often these days.

Friday after work (I think I'm shorting myself on sleep again — mind you it's mild but should get nipped in the bud so to speak I hope) I visited with an aquaintance before getting my hair cut by Jackie (I got SO MANY compliments yesterday… even the annoying ones felt good inside somehow). And I began to read a lot more investment/stock information on my favorite online investing messageboard… which was a fun exercise in tempered enthusiasm. I'm having fun here!

Today however, was Run for the Cure, and for that reason (and the fact that we ate an immense brunch to celebrate Misty's birthday (well the run was for that purpose too)) I'm absolutely bushed. So tired! But it's worth it, I think. I truly enjoy these walks. Definitely one of my sports of choice!

Now onto the next adventures…!