I once thought I was too young to get a Lifetime Acheivement Award… I was wrong.

So yes, Alena sprung this one on me — as she had warned, but still! Perhaps it's too many years volunteering for my favorite Week of Welcome events, but really there's no harm in volunteering, is there?

So last night was the annual WOW/Orientation Volunteer Appreciation Party. And I must say, while I was initially exhausted (I worked from 7am-3pm that day anyway), I had a rather good time chatting with Devon and Nikki throughout my night (and it was good to see a good number of familiar volunteers present too!). Realistically I spent the night leaning on the edge of the bar chatting (and delivering cookies to) the bar staff… plus helping them a bit at the end of the night. I always enjoy talking with Devon and Steve so it was good to just be able to chat.

That said, I was entirely UNIMPRESSED (to understate things rather extremely) with the band: Faber Drive. I mean really, who needs to hear their music anyway? Not to mention their horrid stage banter (I've heard good stage banter, mediocre stage banter, okay stage banter, and bad stage banter but this takes the skunk prize, honestly!) I don't need to know about your horrible taste in bodily functions thank you very much, you very immature band you… *sighs* [I must say that I am far too nice about my criticism here…]

This morning was all about sleeping late-ish and reading financial help books (actually pleasant way to wake up). That plus a few fun stories from other books and I was off to work…

Now normally you'd notice that I don't chat much about work here. But today was pretty odd. Not because it was busy (it was) or because I have strange co-workers (I do on occasion) but because I really don't think that it's appropriate for my spirits to be brought down by 3 irritable co-workers while I'm on my break. Gadzooks! I mean really, if you're letting EVERY negative customer get to you, you're simply not going to have a good time working in this line of work. *sighs* And then after that… back on the floor of the store I have the wonderous joy of putting through one of the largest grocery orders I've ever dealt with: over $1100 worth of expensive yummy food. I really wonder how many mouths those men were feeding.