Interests meme plus a few musings

Lately it seems I'm always posted when I'm physically exhausted. Of course when I'm not physically exhausted I'm walking for miles as it is summer and the weather is occasionally cooperating (to put it mildly). *shrugs* whatever.

This is a meme I got from Jackie: if you comment to this entry, I will list 7 of your interests so that you can explain/talk about them.
Here are those Jackie requested that I explain (and perhaps afterward I'll update mine as I haven't done so in years).

creativity — certainly while I'm often rule bound, I'm a huge fan of using creativity in whatever ways possible, be it in writing or in art or pretty much anything whether I'm watching or participating… creativity is key!

dancing — I occasionally ballroom dance. But really I enjoy dancing of all types and wish that I could do them all. I'm especially curious to try out various types of dancing lately and love just going out and groovin' to the music. In fact I often move my feet to the tunes played at work while working… lots of good beats (regardless of the qualities of the songs). Apparently I'm a pretty decent follow (in ballroom) and I definitely have a good sense of beat.

food — I adore eating good and INTERESTING food. With the exception of my extreme cilantro aversion, I'm pretty open as to food I'm willing to try and devour — of course I too have my tastes. I much prefer interesting or unusual fare to standard and possibly boring selections. In addition I'm a big fan of balanced meals and colourful meals (some of the worst meals ever have been monochrome or lacking of food groups). I much prefer main course type food to desserts as well — I find most desserts to be either too sweet, too rich or too coffee flavoured (okay so coffee is abhorrent as a flavour too).

ideas — I'm a big fan of innovation. Ideas that changed the world, that kind of thing. I absorb a LOT of information on a regular basis, and follow some of it (that which I pick out as being useful). Realistically ideas are one of the major reasons I pursue so much education, as I find the more exposed to them I am, the more invigorated I am about life.

people — While I definitely don't have the world's best people skills (and am notoriously more phone shy than the vast majority), I definitely find people both fascinating and amazingly awesome. I treasure all my far flung friends (and nearby ones) and love to meet new people. Of course my not being superhuman prevents me from communicating as regularly with my Facebook friends as I would perhaps like, but there are worse things… if I don't actually interact with people each day I tend to get a bit down.

trivial pursuit — I used to be a huge Trivial Pursuit Online addict. It was the awesomest free online board game for quite some time… that is until they eliminated it and recreated it as a sucky pay-service which I definitely didn't get involved with. Still it's one game I certainly miss. I love trivial pieces of knowledge. I'm totally in pursuit of knowledge… trivial or not… and so this was at one point a real fun pursuit of mine.

walking — Not only is walking my mode of transportation of choice, but it allows me to explore things from ground level, winding myself through paths not traveled by cars, and smell the roses so to speak. I love how walking is good exercise, great for the environment, and allows me to commune with my imagination and thoughts if alone, and catch up with another awesome individual if in the company of someone. It's generally an activity that most people can participate in somehow (and if disabilities mean mobility aids so be it, but walking is much more everyone-friendly than most sports for example). I just love walking and I think this week (and my feet!) tell the tale… mmmm…

In other news life certainly has not slowed down since my last post. It felt great to walk in the rain (when it wasn't those nasty BIG drops) on Wednesday before and after the gym.

Elaine's going away party was a splendid encounter with gluttony (or shall I say good food?), as well as some crazy conversations, a lot of walking (I walked to That's Aroma 🙂 ), and some bunny ears for good measure. I'm going to miss her muchly.

Last night, Kelly's Phd party was splendid. Not only were there board games (yay for new people for the group!), but there was awesome pizza (the falafel pizza was splendid, the chicken one would have been more splendid if it wasn't for the cilantrification… 😉 ), great tea, and awesome antics. Did I mention just how much I adored Malcolm's jumping stilts? I even tried it myself (after signing a waiver) wearing as per usual terribly impractical clothing (but not heels). I thank Malcolm muchly for providing the opportunity to try bouncy stilts and not letting me faceplant or otherwise hurt myself. Great fun. Oksana also seemed potentially interested in my Kiwanis club building venture so that was neat (I rather find it interesting how I keep running into that family). Of course I also thank Kelly and everyone for their care and concern that I get home safe and sound following the party.

Today I'm simply exhausted however. And sore. Partially from the stilts and walking I'm sure, but I'm betting some of it has to do with sleep lack — I did work at 7am this morning. I had a nap after work which helped however and chose to take care of myself rather than overexerting myself and dancing or otherwise putting myself into a situation of even more sleep deficit. Priorities are important, right?

Oh and hopefully I remembered to invite the right people to my upcoming graduation and board gaming gatherings. Facebook is useful but does not replace my memory!