Two degrees… and this one is prettier than the last….

So I did indeed cross the stage this morning and was granted my second degree, this time with distinction (which honestly was a surprise to me, showing that I wasn't paying attention). I don't know if the ceremony felt more meaningful, but I was definitely paying more attention than some members of the crowd (way to ruin it for everyone) although I wasn't as detail oriented as some.

I rather enjoyed how the chancellor took the time to personally congratulate me. That was a nice touch. It was also nice to see the university president when she wasn't shopping for groceries! 🙂 I'm also glad that I was able to see Nick, Elizabeth, Chris and Melissa in the crowd. Certainly there were a few others there, but with over 600 people, I'm not surprised that I didn't see anyone else I really knew well.

It felt good go convocate. I'm very pleased that I attended the ceremony. It was also fun to spend time with my parents. Now if only I could have slept better beforehand….

Hopefully I'll see some of you in the next hours or days?