Delicious, delicious shoes… (and music and dancing and parties and bikes and…uhmmm food!)

Gotta love it when items on my 'wish to do' list get done. I also love the busy-ness of my life right now: mostly because I'm seeing people I care to see and relatively often (I wish there were fewer people on my list of people I HAVEN'T seen recently however… but one cannot have it all).

Saturday night, I attended Dance Inner-City, the first ever Spring Dance festival which was so perfect: not only did the weather utterly cooperate, but Sheena and Heather struck so many beauteous poses… and I loved the imagination striking images and the fun of it all — I even joined a couple times (to African and Native music) to dance barefoot in the luscious green grass. Such fun!

And then at Nancy's we got to hear her two newest songs! Such awesome tunes. AND I got to recall the strategy lacking Sorry (the board game) and flail about playing Wii games (woo!).

Sunday Olwyn and I played UpWords. Somehow we were ridiculously well matched. Great fun! Then more scrumptious food (I had already had sushi that day) at Sicilian Pasta Kitchen… yummy…

And Yesterday was ultimately ridiculously productive: Grocery shopping, Build-A-Bear (I finished making the NY bear I planned on creating in NYC), shoe shopping (two awesome semi-dressy pairs of sandals… I already have blisters from walking at least thirty blocks in one pair yesterday, but they're not even bad blisters or anything and I'll continue to wear those comfy heels… gotta love SofMoc! 🙂 But really, I learned that I have narrow feet (dratted shoes not liking me!), and picked up some shoes that SHOULD provide alternate tan lines (hopefully). All heels (since the flats didn't fit right) and comfy — how can I lose? Plus we all know Ali's love of basic black footwear!

And then I picked up new lip gloss from MAC… and went and ate yummy food at Golden Bird with Justin (first time catching up with him in months/years…) before a bike month movie at the Metro. Great stuff all in all!

So I'm looking forward to the next few days… and hoping to have even more adventures in AliLand… 😉