Excellent meetings and greetings… and celebrations and verbs and…

adverbs? uh… yeah… so we played a game of verbs and adverbs which resulted in crazy laughter… which was followed by YouTube craziness (ROBOT CHICKEN! etc.) But really yesterday was a rather rad day (did I just write rad? Why yes I did!)

At the end of my work shift yesterday I ran into Matthew and eventually Tessa and Finnegan. We chatted for a time in the beautiful sunshine before I headed home to play with stickers (I have far too many but this is likely a good thing) and head out to Peter's most excellent birthday party (at Colin's house). Not only did I meet some excellent people, but I got to try a new Pho restaurant (which did not contaminate any of its food with cilantro! WOO! 🙂 ) and spend some time in the beautifully green backyard. Loads of awesome trees bordered the yard… and there were fish! Yes fish! Just like in the pond in the Confucius temple in Taiwan except for the fact that they were in tiny full circles instead of a large half circle. Nifty!

And conversation led to YouTube which led to music videos and commercials and the revelation of my YouTube Josh Rimer addiction. I've of course many vids I watch on YouTube but yeah… Josh's vids are some of my faves. And somehow I think they found him entertaining. Which is more than I expected realistically.

Friday night was also a success. I checked out Stop and Shop for the second year running, AND was one of the first 25 in line (meaning I got a wonderful swag bag which I totally enjoy — FREE STUFF!) AND found both a necklace and a hipband that I purchased. After a further 30someodd blocks I made it to Olwyn's Mary Kay launch which was great fun (and lengthy but great!), here is where I chose to replace some of my skin care products as I not only did not react to the sunscreen but enjoyed most of the skincare stuff. I'm still a MAC makeup aficionado however, but I do look forward to getting my new skincare stuff! AND I even picked up some travel makeup brushes (which MAC does not carry regularly) so I was superly stoked! 🙂

But enough about my long weekend. I work tonight and tomorrow night. Money is a good thing.