Chronicles of Prydain and other adventures…

So I finally finished reading the Chronicles of Prydain. Great stuff although incredibly predictable. It didn't help of course that my prof had essentially spoiled the ending while we were studying Taran Wanderer. The short stories in The Foundling and Other Tales of Prydain were too short and too simple for my liking… the five books themselves had much more complexity and were as such way more fun to read. I definitely think it was worthwhile to get through that series! 🙂

In other news: my life is as usual getting ridiculously busy. I wish I had more time to do household chores and whatnot — I am trying to get a little bit done every day however… which does serve its purpose. Of course, it doesn't help that I continue to be triple or quadruple scheduled often times. *sighs* Regardless I'm enjoying May!

On that note, I'm realizing that I'd organize more events and take the initiative to do more if I wasn't quite so busy on occasion. Prioritizing does become a priority. I have however had the chance to do a bit of exploring and whatnot in the recent weeks and days.

For example, it was good to learn that Shogun's sushi specials on Tuesday nights are WORTH enjoying — even by my lonesome. I mean what can beat 50% off selected sushi (sure it's only a small portion of the menu but it's certainly enough!). Also walking through the new Sobeys Urban Market downtown, I've realized that it reminds me of all the great things and not-so-great things about the European Truckstop-type places we stopped at to eat during last summer's trip. Odd.