Another day off spent online (as I recover from walking walking and more walking (talking).

Following a relatively lazy Sunday, it only makes sense that Victoria Day was spent with David and Jason walking. And I don't just mean a little jaunt like the 75ish blocks from Friday. No, HIKING across SNOWDRIFTS down hills, on paths of rock and pavement, across roads and bridges, to the zoo and…

YES that was 5 hrs of walking: From the University through the river valley to Emily Murphy Park to Hawerlak Park to Wilfred Laurier Park to the Zoo (well to the electric fence and THEN the zoo) through the zoo and back home JUST in time for work [and somehow, thanks to David's long legs encouraging me to walk faster I wasn't late for work].

My feet ached all shift — and my body hurt since the line up for food was far slow moving at the zoo to get any, and while David's granola bars were more than scrumptious, I apparently need more substantial food to survive.

So after work (holiday pay!) some co-workers and I closed BPs… in a most amusing way. Great it was to spend some moments outside shifts with these excellent people… and hey the pizza wasn't bad either.

Something tells me that walking ridiculous amounts isn't necessary, as much as it is a heck of a lot of fun!