After 7 years… I finally call in sick for work

Yes, indeedy. And it was on 15% Tuesday — not the optimal day to call in sick of course. It's the day of the month that the store MOST needs the help, to be truthful. But I needed to call in — I was feverish (the fever broke I think sometime around 8pm or so)… and it did help me get better.

And yes, it was the first time I've ever called in because I was extremely ill in all the 7 years I've worked here (the only other time I called in was because of the snowstorm I was stuck in in Lloyd on April 5th, but that wasn't a case of extreme illness, but of extreme weather).

In other news, I was better enough to work today (although I certainly still don't have my usual appetite). I'm also a little annoyed with Facebook today because the error messages I'm getting keep claiming I'm not connected to the internet — but my streaming audio and other websites I'm visiting tell me otherwise. *shrugs* oh well.

And I've been reading more books! I finished reading Gail Sidonie Sobat's new book: Gravity Journal. It made me look forward to tomorrow night's book launch all the more!! It's such a great story, meant for a young adult audience, set in Edmonton, and concerning anorexia. In fact I will recommend it to any of you. Anise is such an identifiable character, and the hospital and school seem so real… in fact it's Anise's journal entries, interspersed with the plot (this reminds me of Skim a bit, actually, and Skim (an excellent graphic novel by two cousins by the last name of Tamaki) was a fabulous book in and of itself. This book of Gail's is so unlike the Ingamald trilogy that I am all the more impressed by just how much I loved it!

I also finished reading the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants series (4 books in total), by reading Forever in Blue. Well, it was rather predictable but still a fitting ending to that series of books. I am quite glad to have read them all.

I also read my copy of GOOD Magazine (the China issue) and October's Harper's Magazine (yes, I'm very much behind on reading my Harper's subscription — thank goodness it ends shortly — not because it's bad but because I tend not to read them quickly enough).

So being sick was good for my reading habits if not for other aspects.