Sick with a cold, blech, but happy to have re-watched Benny & Joon and had my monthly…

… 15% Tuesday Prelude Pampering. Honestly, what did you think I was going to type?

After the fun of the weekend? (Well when I wasn't dwelling on my crazed dreams [Nicholas what on earth were you doing in my dreams anyway?? please tell me how you got there!] or coughing, or feeling sore and achy, or tossing and turning or waking up to noise or sunlight or generally feeling miserably headachy/runny nosey/tired — it was fun!) With all the board games craziness (er, yes the games night invite was at least accurate in the length of the games night category plus or minus an hour in each direction) on Friday night/Saturday morning, and the fun of Monique's BBQ (yay for Cranium! I'm apparently good at this game for once!) including Jordan's crazy Mario Party competitiveness and all the other bizarre Wii games we played… well I worked this morning yet again at 7am. [I'm getting really good at bookending crazy amounts of social life with 7am shifts. One of these days this ought to change, if only momentarily]

The shift itself was pretty boring (other than the sniffling and coughing and sneezing that is. I made it through okay). At the end of my day my boss even did a yearly review with me, which was pretty darned positive [so I'm not an utter basket case 😉 ].

This being the Monday before 15% Tuesday, I had been planning a HUGE (well mildly big for me) grocery shop. I ordered Japanese food first, picked up Benny & Joon, and a mix of decently good items before checking out and picking up my Japanese food and getting home to relax and watch Benny & Joon for the first time in AGES. Suffice to say I STILL LOVE this movie! Johnny Depp is one of my absolute fave characters in this one — I think I recall identifying with bits of all of them but mostly Joon when I was younger. I mean if there's someone as awesome as Johnny Depp's Sam out there for Joon (who is crazily brilliant albeit a bit unusual to put it mildly and paired with Sam who is not brilliant but equally unusual and very emotionally bright somehow) then there has to be someone out there that's right for me. Right?

They can't all just be Mr. Wrongs out there, can they? 😉 In any case, I'm longing for the use of both nostrils and of course for a less sick body, but I definitely enjoyed my relaxation.

And you know what? Tomorrow's 15% Tuesday shift is my SHORTEST SHIFT THIS WEEK WOO! 🙂