Other random musings — I keep winning stuff and a rose on Valentines is still a good gesture…

… even when you get it from your place of employment. Yes, work was great this week with the provision of a rose for every female employee (well the men could get them if they wanted, but really… and yes this was unfair but it's the first time work's done anything like that for us on Valentine's so that was cool. I also got some candy from a co-worker — which turned my teeth pink *yay!* 😉

Also, I'm still winning things. I may have another movie preview pass (depends on the mail), and I will be reviewing a YA Graphic Novel in the next week or two — and possibly doing a book talk on it too for class (two birds with one stone!). So that's always a plus.

But my to-do list keeps growing. And I'm not getting enough sleep (or so my body keeps telling me). I need to exercise more, I need to eat better (right portions at right times more than anything actually) and I need to write more. The most success is happening with the writing thing at the moment, although that's not saying much.

Other important things on my to-do list: host a board games night in the next few weeks? Go shopping with Jackie? Clean house? HOMEWORK! And so on.

Oh and in other news, being a student means that I was excused from jury duty this time. Which is good. This means I'll be able to go to Kiwanis ICON and CKI ICON and all the rest of my summer plans which I was hoping for! 🙂