A Brief Update… plus invite to the CKI Murder Mystery (as many of you may have heard of it).

So it's been a while since I last posted… but I have been a busy critter… so here's a brief update whether you really need one or not!
Saturday's Valentine's Dance was excellent! It was so great seeing ol' friends again and dancing — I definitely don't do enough of that anymore. BPs afterward was fab, especially as for once I wasn't working the next day!
The Citadel's production of Macbeth on Sunday was great — of course I'm too big of a Macbeth fan for my own good, meaning I nitpick and think of all the passages missing rather than all the great aspects of the performance — which frankly was pretty awesome (though mildly unusual, especially with the portrayal of the witches).
On Wednesday, my supposed day off (where I actually had to get training to run the new self checkouts at work but whatever), I saw Studio Theatre's production of While We're Young — which frankly blew my socks off so to speak. If a play can make me think that much about both topical and historical issues, if a play can cause me to both laugh AND cry, if a play can be such fun yet have such depth and so on — it's one damn good play. It's only too bad more people didn't see the world premiere of this performance. Wow.
Valentine's Day meant a midterm at school — but in my first class one of my peers fed us chocolate during her presentation, so it started on a great note! The midterm went smoothly enough too. At work, it was a gong show — our first day with the self-checkouts and while I liked the change in the routine, it's a lot less predictable, and perhaps a lot more entertaining — something to get used to in any case!
Friday night, I went to the Attitude reception and Alberta Ballet's performance of Dangerous Liaisons. Wow. I'd never been to the Ballet before, and based on this experience, I'd totally recommend it to anyone. Sure I was up in the second balcony and couldn't see perhaps as well as I'd like, it was still amazing, and worth seeing. I finally understand the Alberta Ballet's ad campaign — totally right when it is said that you should think again when you think that you don't like the ballet. Really. Wow.

So now that my present theatrical kick seems to have semi-run its course (I love theatre!), back to my regular programming I suppose. Which means I really need to catch up on my email (ack!) and there's a paper I have due on Monday. YES. This Monday. Holiday Monday. I know. *shrugs* I should totally start writing. *sighs* We all know this won't happen until tomorrow of course. And I still don't know what I'll be writing.

BTW if you're interested, you're invited to:
CKI's Murder Mystery — (which I've been helping put together)

Need a break from midterms, or just want a chance to hang out, have a
great dinner, and have some fun? Join us for this year's Formal and
Murder Mystery on Saturday, March 1, 2008! Roles (both major and
minor) will be given to everyone, and it will be up to you to solve
the mystery. Please email Christine if you plan to attend, and
include any dietary restrictions/allergies you may have.

Date: Saturday, March 1, 2008
Time: 6pm – 10pm
Location: Aurora Room, Lister Conference Center
Cost: $15 members ($18 non-members)
Contact: Christine: email circlek@ualberta.ca and address the email to Christine with subject as Murder Mystery — we need to know ASAP to write characters!