I am ridiculously busy… as usual.

So since I last wrote, Reading Week has come and gone, and with it CKI DCON among other things. Here's a quick recap of some noteworthy happenings!
-Wednesday, I went to a conference for work, which was great (although I was likely exposed to more secondhand smoke than I would like to be for like a year but whatever), and included my WINNING Oilers tix for March 2nd. Yay for being Miss. SmartyPants! 😉
-Jackie and I watched the eclipse from a park bench — great to see just how the moon changes when the Earth's shadow passes over it.
-Thursday, Susan and I picked Carrie up from the airport (she stayed at my place on the weekend as I was her host) before District Day of service began (complete with some TV coverage of our service project at the food bank (part of our group also cooked at Ronald McDonald House)
-Crazy costumes were the aim of the day for opening session that evening — I was Ingamald from the Ingamald Trilogy by Gail Sidonie Sobat — meaning my character was obscure enough that no one knew how well or how poorly I was dressed for the character — Arwen, a Hufflepuff, a witch doctor, an Enron VP, a ninja pirate, and others made their presence known. Oh and we built balloon towers.
-Workshops and the HOD were the aim of the day on Friday. This included a crazy game wherein we passed objects. Great fun! And yes, I did present the powerpoint on the Mammoth project. After a dinner at BPs, we had some more fun including cards, medieval dance, pool, foozeball, and so on. Mike made a great girl during the Medieval dancing though!
-Saturday morning I showed the interested Winnipegers the mall (along with Carrie). We rode the Galaxy Orbiter, saw much wildlife (penguins, flamingos, coral, sea turtles, fish, sharks, stingrays, etc.), and basically the mall.
-The afternoon included some more fun by way of a Kiwanis family session (it's too bad that the Key club members didn't attend), and a stress busting workshop including breathing exercises and yoga!
-The banquet went well as usual — I got to pie Ian in exchange for my donation to the Tomorrow Fund! In addition the boys beat the girls at pictionary this time around — I think that they have been getting progressively better over the years… and this one's no exception… apparently my CKI district needs more good female pictionary players! 😉
-Sunday, Carrie and I went out for breakfast before I sent her to the airport via shuttle — she didn't get home what with delays and whatnot until the next day.
-I finished my necessary readings (I still have more to read, of course) and went on an unsuccessful trip to the mall to shop for dresses, where I bought nothing.

Anyone have any good suggestions of where to go for nice frocks? You know, party dresses and the like. I'd like to spend under $100 each on a couple of new dresses, preferably not black (I have too many gorgeous black dresses as is), that would be dance-ready. Yes, I'm sure I have other constraints, but the first problem is to find a place that actually sells the said type of clothing!

-I finally watched Dianna's Pride and Prejudice DVD (the newer one with Kiera Knightley. It was better than I expected in some ways, similar to the 6hr BBC miniseries in others, and way too fast paced. But that said, I liked it, just not as much as the BBC version!
-Monday was for work and sushi and school. No use complaining.
-Today I'm going to do a bunch of homework as well as presenting at a Kiwanis meeting, and somehow (hopefully) getting some sleep… please?! 🙂