Body Worlds is coming to Edmonton in June! Awesome!

So I picked up a copy of the Metro this morning on my way back from getting blood work done, and from a glance at the cover photo, I was smiling with joy: Body Worlds is coming to the Telus World of Science in June!! I SO loved this exhibit in Portland and now there's another opportunity to take it in!! There are many people I know who'd enjoy this (especially Kim!). Exciting!!

In other news… it's been a good week. Work's going well. I'll likely not have to do jury duty (I talked to some other students who were summoned in the past, and they were able to get excused because of their classes too). CKI elections went well: no vacancies [it was still a gong show, but what else is new?] — for the first time in YEARS it's all female though. Kevin treated us (the 8 girls who remained after the meeting) to dinner at RATT.

I'm finally catching up on my internet usage stuff. And today is going to be awesome (although my feet are still semi-frozen from the walk to the Allin Clinic) with a haircut planned, meeting up with Heather, and some more work on the CKI murder mystery.

The weekend will be great as well: I'm totally excited about going stag to the Valentine's dance again, having a Sunday off, and seeing Macbeth, my FAVORITE Shakespeare!!

Did I mention that I met the actor who is going to be playing Angus when he came through my till on 15% Tuesday, his first day in Edmonton? Talking to him made me even more excited!!

Now if only I can get my totally awesome readings done in time…. 🙂