Supposedly my day off?

I'm good at procrastinating, unfortunately. That said, I'm actually quite happy that I procrastinated writing the essay I wrote today. Why? 'cause I love the topic SO MUCH that I would have written too much had I had longer to work on it. Truly. Now if only I had a CD of the record rather than just some cassette copies. *sighs* That's what I get for writing a paper on a Yogi Bear LP from 1977, eh? 🙂 Yay for Yogi telling the story of Little Red Riding Hood!!

In other news, I totally love Jackie's new salon!! Such an awesome decor (red!!) plus awesome stylist (Jackie, you rock!) of course! And it was stellar to see Shauna again — I so wish I could stay in touch with people better. *sighs*

I finally ended up bringing in my tailoring to a tailors. I also finally used my $5 off coupon for Planet Organic (if you're a UofA student and have a student handbook, I totally recommend using your coupon ASAP! It expires at the end of November and is worth $5 off of a minimum $5 purchase — essentially $5 free!) on a delicious veggie wrap from the deli. I totally recommend it!!! Yum! Very filling and with so many awesome veggies and beans.

I went to RW&Co. to use my gift certificate. I got a dress remarkably similar to Jackie's outfit today ('cept mine is — you guessed it — black). I think I'll actually wear it quite a bit. It reminded me of a dress that Jackie had pointed out for me a while back when we were shopping together. I also got a scarf/wrap thing in purple which will work well with all those black dresses I have piling up in the closet (oups!) [I think I'll have to consign a few I imagine — eventually].

Now to get back to proofreading my essay and other homework-related stuff in between my internet musings. I think it's so fabulous I can write so many papers on Little Red Riding Hood variants… as well as of other fabulous stories. Next week I write on The Joy Luck Club and Tamarind Mem. Wish me luck!