Apparently I like working a Casino…

Or so yesterday would have me believe. Yes my shift was supposed to be 10:30am-7pm, but given that one person didn't show up and another called in sick, I stayed until closing — 3ish AM. As the banker, I was able to finish reading a novel I had to read for class next week (putting a small dent in the crazy pile of homework that I apparently need to accomplish), I was able to enjoy my job, and eat some yummy food (and some mediocre food as well — I highly recommend Casino Edmonton's Carrot Jalape├▒o soup however). I also met and spent time with some cool new people and learned some stuff about just how working a Casino works.

That said, this will not be a week of getting loads of sleep. Nor will next week be (homework!). *shrugs* not much I can do about it!

In any case, tonight's the Fait Accomplit release party. I'm looking forward to it of course and I hope to see you there too! 7:30pm at Dewey's (in the Powerplant on UofA campus) until 10pm. There will be readings from a number of truly talented contributors. I'll be MCing as well, and there will be copies for sale.

Anyway, what with Winter Waltz being tomorrow, it'll be a busy weekend!