Crazy Customer(s) (a semi-response to Brittany's note)

As I told Brittany through Facebook, after she posted a wonderful note regarding the trials and tribulations of being a cashier (there are many), here's where I'll type about a particular customer encounter with which I was NOT impressed. Sure there's difficult customers every day who do everything from asking for triple bagging, expect you to understand their language (for no apparently good reason either), and who have pretty irrational expectations (we're only human), but I firmly believe that the vast majority of shoppers are awesome good. That's over 99% if you didn't understand the first time! Hey — I like my job (most of the time).

In any case there was this questionable guy. It was 11pm (we close at 11pm) and he was likely possibly up to something to begin with (he was behaving rather strangely, wondering how things would display on receipts and whatnot rather than caring what prices were precisely initially). Tallish and darkhaired, seeming incredibly incredibly nervous, he stood at the end of my till, and specifically requested for things to be run in a particular order. I ask if he has a SaveOn card. He says no, and insists that I swipe my own or one I MUST have at the till (I can do neither).

I have him apply and fill out the minimum of information necessary for a card — hopefully he didn't lie if he was indeed up to something fishy. He then started buying things like chermoyas, vitamins and other odd items. Really. And he hesitated before putting every item on the belt. Twitching too. He left maybe half his items deciding not to take them before paying with VISA and asking me out for drinks. I was not at all impressed. We were already closed and he was taking his sweet time to leave the store. *gah!*

Finally he was gone. Finally I could call it a night. But really now, why would anyone want to go out with such a creepy person? Especially as the last customer of the night?