I wish I had his energy…

My nephew's energy that is. He's such a fun kid! This past weekend was good and busy — I worked a ton, and went home for the Thanksgiving turkey dinner (yum!) and to see the family. I returned the following day to see the eye doctor — which means I'm getting nifty new glasses (I'm actually rather looking forward to picking them up!).

Work goes relatively well. I picked up a pumpkin incorrectly yesterday which caused a good deal of discomfort. Fortunately that's no longer bugging me terribly much (unless I do something stupid that is). We're still incredibly short staffed, but we're all pulling together to get things done.

School… well… yesterday my first class was canceled which meant that I finally saw an advisor and changed my registration for next term and then applied for graduation. Yep. It's actually going to happen. I WILL graduate from this second degree in the spring. This doesn't mean I won't take Open studies in the future or that I would ever stop learning, but it does mean that this chapter of my life will be drawing to a close at some point also.

I did promise to join a Kiwanis club by October 1, 2008, so that will also be happening. As for starting my own club — we'll have to see. In the meantime I have a good idea which club I'd like to join… but it's still up in the air — things may still change.

Oh and if you write, take pictures, etc. Fait Accomplit has a call out for submissions!!