The craziness of a busy life… oh and yes it's a good one!

So a zillion congratulations are due to Heather and Jason, whose wedding reception was a fabulous time (I totally loved the chair game… if I ever have a wedding reception I totally want to play that one!). Many thanks to their friends who offered me a ride home afterward.

Run for the Cure was excellent! Now that I've done it once, I totally want to do more walks for charity in the future — hopefully raising more money too! 🙂 It was great being part of team Panda Power, and even greater meeting such awesome people and reconnecting with old friends.

The Board Games night was a rousing success yet again — a smaller group by all estimations attended, however it was a great group — that proved yet again that the majority of us are really bad at movie trivia (there are exceptions). We all loved the great selection of games played… more board games events are clearly in the future!! 🙂

Work — well, work is very time consuming. I'm working over 40 hrs this week which is a bit much-ish given that I'm still a student and only a part-timer at work. But it means yet again that we're shortstaffed at work. If anyone wants to apply, please please do. The benefits are awesome (I'm totally looking forward to the huge discount I'm getting on my next pair of glasses), as are the co-workers and work environment. That said, the money will help!! 🙂

In any case, I'm suffering from board game withdrawal… so more gaming opportunities are necessary in the next weeks and months. And I need to get writing more!