Run for the Cure is tomorrow!

Please go to and donate if you can afford it (I do not support donating if it is going to put you in a bad financial position).

This weekend has started off on a good-ish note. Yes, I am working a rather LOT of hours these days. Yes school work is hard (occasionally) to keep up with. Yes I've quite a few projects on the go. Yes, occasionally I've been having breathing difficulties *sighs*. That said, I think both my health and well-being are rather good. Now if only I could be less lazy in the kitchen!

The WOW/Orientation Volunteer Appreciation Party rocked! Not only did I have a great time (for the short while I was there) but I got to talk with Devon, Alan and others… oh! and I got an award! And they spelled my name right! And it was laminated AND full colour! Score! 🙂

Matt's pre-birthday party was also quite entertaining. While I never did get to play with the Wii this time, and while I was really reasonable in leaving when I suddenly felt exhausted (it was a long day), I had a great time! I enjoyed losing Apples to Apples (yay!) for example. And the pumpkin buns were scrumptious!

Now for the rest of a jam-packed weekend. Oh! and my homework! 🙂