Reminder: June 1st Fait Accomplit Release Party! (plus other stuff)

As I've said before I'm getting a couple of my poems published in the Summer 2007 edition of Fait Accomplit. The release party is from 7pm-10pm on Friday June 1st at RATT (Room At The Top) on UofA campus. There'll certainly be readings and music and whatnot. Come out! It would be great to see you there!

In other news…
– Karaoke at RATT last night was fun! No, I didn't sing (I would have perhaps had there been a) more people I knew there or b) if I were anything as good as the rest of the crowd there or c) if anyone had offered to do a duet with me or something or d) if someone had nagged me. It was great however to see Mim and Carla again… plus a few other familiar faces.
– The Comic Strip on Tuesday night was awesome! Jackie and I had a good time anyhow!
– I finished yet another portfolio to get into the fiction class. The waiting game begins (I handed it in today).
– Tonight I believe I play soccer.

Oh and I'm finally posting pictures to Facebook again! They're really old, but they're still photos!
Here are public urls to some of the albums: