I get overly worked up occasionally about the littlest things

The past few days my computer has been starting up differently than before. I don't know why, and my roommate doesn't either… so I just change the settings and hope for the best. That wasn't my source of frustration this morning however: apparently leaving a flashlight on my computer desk caused damage… which does frustrate me as much as it doesn't alter the functionality of the desk or anything. I work so hard not to leave hot objects on the desk as not to damage it any more quickly from wear and tear than usual but a flashlight, turned off, inadvertently left there by my roommate apparently does damage the desk. Irksome, but really nothing to get angry about. After all, it wasn't as if my roommate intended to harm the desk or anything! Like usual this reminds me that material things are temporary…. and of course that: nothing's ever perfect, eh?

I can't control everything… nor can anyone. 🙂