Fait Accomplit a success! :) Plus my hand hurts

So last night's Fait Accomplit release was great! It was fabulous to hear Patrick read (finally!), to see Jason read (I'll miss him… as much as I never see him… once he goes off to England), to see Barb, Graeme, and Devon etc. etc. Yeah… it was one awesome evening! And yes, it does remind me that a) I need to write more and b) I need to do readings more (attend and participate in). Special thanks to Jackie for coming out!

They sold out of that print run of the journal (which rocks!) just like they did the first year I appeared in it. And I also got one of the last pages in the book (follows my trend now to appear as one of the last pages in the book).

In other news, I learned today that my hand really hurts. Especially when I use my middle finger to push buttons. I learned this when I was trying to print out lotto 6/49 tickets for customers at work. *sighs*

Europe is approaching quickly… as is Portland and so much else besides. The future is mighty bright!