Only one more day of classes left… I'm done Non-Fiction class!

So today felt long… but was so beautiful that I couldn't help but take a walk home, spend time outside and be ACTUALLY motivated to cook some healthy food… that is after working a 6.5 hr shift, doing a short non-fiction reading, and chatting with awesomely motivating classmates out in the sunshine.
Of course this means I'm done non-fiction class for the semester (whether I take another non-fiction class next year or not is up in the air). And that tomorrow is my last day of classes this semester.

Time to do a happy dance starts NOW! 🙂 Yay! 🙂

[note that this means I'm done ALL my homework for the semester and that I gloriously finished my awesomely fun (but hard) creative project… which is probably why the day was so exhilarating… other than the fact that the weather was gorgeous!]