Beautiful day marred only by marshmallows

Today was wonderful: not only did I not have to wear a winter jacket because it was warm enough, and could wear a dress, but the stress of having to do homework is gone. The last day of classes was fabulous: watching the end of the movie Lost Boys was great! Not only that, but I truly enjoyed English class too — how could I not seeing as we were discussing Alice I think and Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants?

As I said a good day — I even finished a good book (the second book in the Alice I Think series, Miss Smithers), and was able to relax. It feels good to have free time again — mind you I really ought to get caught up on housework… and so on. *shrugs*

The only thing that wasn't reasonably great (except for the fact that I'm really tired) is marshmallows. Yes, the sticky confection/sugar-rich snack of camping and dessert fare was what interrupted my reverie and brought me to the reality of stain removal (fortunately marshmallows are water soluble). Someone left marshmallows on the chair of my English class that I unfortunately chose to sit on without checking first (which is odd considering I've checked the chair several times already for messes on other class days and never found anything significant). Even if no one noticed (which might be difficult given that the dress is short enough that my butt would be obvious, even with me trying to hide it with my bag… and white marshmallows on a black dress are likely quite evident) it caused me a bit of mental embarrassment. Really it was no big deal, but it did put a damper on the perfection of the day. Darned marshmallows!