Easter weekend recap

So… it's been a busy few days.
Thursday, when I was feeling all lonely and such, Elaine calls me out of the blue (actually Beth answered and passed the phone to me, but still!) and invites me to BPs, where I hang out with the ballroom crowd for another evening of fun… (yay Elaine!)
Then on Friday when I'm also feeling lonely after a long day's work (at least I get paid VERY well for working the holiday and all) Greg shows up to pick up mail and catch up over Lebanese food.
I finished my taxes (business taxes are entertaining and newfangled to me… I loved the program my mom sent and I [as usual] enjoyed the challenge of figuring out how to pay the least tax while not forgetting to claim anything etc. I'm a big fan of the lack of taxes on scholarships, tax credits on textbooks and on transit passes… it definitely helped!) and worked on Saturday and Sunday… I worked a lot of hours this weekend.
My brothers picked me up Sunday to bring me home to my parents' place for Sunday night-Monday afternoon. Food was delicious of course: turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, yams, asparagus, gravy… yum! 🙂 Then I managed to finish some homework (making pseudo-postcards to write my essay on the back of… I still need to finish that essay!) while watching various shows my mom recommended (plus the second half of Easter Parade [1948 movie starring Judy Garland and Fred Astaire] that my dad suggested). So the weekend involved watching three movies I hadn't seen before.
Kinky Boots was a greatly amusing flick, sort of like the Full Monty I guess… but different. It reminded me of seeing the Drag Queens in Montreal last summer (entertainingly a topic I am working into my homework project)… worth watching, if a bit happy and predictable at times.
The Da Vinci Code was another movie that my mom said I HAD to watch (since we are going to Europe this summer). I found it rather entertaining, although I haven't yet read the book. I like codes and cyphers and whatnot, plus the scavenger hunt/treasure hunt theme was good… especially with all the good source material used (paintings etc.). It is a fiction after all! But it does get me thinking… and partly about directions I could take in my own writing some day, making sources work and whatnot! 🙂
More than that both movies REALLY reminded me of my Evolutionary Psychology of Beauty class from my first degree — that class has been far more relevant than nearly anything else I took, especially for a class I loved! (note that Kinky Boots also reminded me of the Red Shoe book from the UofA Special Collections Library)
Yesterday I worked again… but I have today off to finish my homework (and go to class). My nerve injury in my wrist has been acting up a lot lately — so it's a good thing that I've been hanging out at the customer service desk more frequently, less strain on the wrist. I rather want to do a good job of revising my paper for Wednesday's class/in-class reading.
Gosh it had been a while since I'd been online!