Still wasting time online… and not starting the first draft of the paper I need to have finished

Yes, I'll admit it, as much as my computer often doesn't like me, I am very much an internet junkie (for want of a better term) or rather I'm easily seduced by the fun of reading blogs.

You see, I have this odd tendancy to read a LOT of a new blog whenever I find one (same goes for Facebook too but seeing as those tend to have less by way of written content the addiction isn't nearly so terrifyingly time consuming). This causes time to fly by. Mind you, my writing wouldn't be terribly amazing tonight, given as my thoughts are elsewhere (and my body is still telling me that I'm under the weather). *sighs* I've excusitis again, haven't I? 😉

In any case, I've been enjoying reading a lot of blogs lately (and catching up on ones that I've been horribly delinquent at following up on (somehow the phraseology of that last sentence made little sense to me… oups!). Interestingly, I only read blogs of people I know: meaning that I've met them in person at some point. Most people I know aren't like that, but I guess that that's how I keep the number of blog posts I read each day/week/month down to a manageable number. Which in theory would work — except I have met a LOT of people over the years. Certainly I'm not terribly close to the vast majority of them — I'm far better of having many acquaintances that I would like to be close to than actually truly close friends — but these are in effect all people I have indeed met and thus somehow know.

A good way of feeling less lonely online is to stay in touch with people. Not that that's entirely successful or anything. *shrugs* Looking back at the last decade, I like to think of just how much I've grown — people tend to think I'm actually outgoing — which is, I suspect, situational. Mind you the balance between labels such as introvert/extrovert is tenuous at best.

Now back to homework before bed. Yegads, have I really spent over 6 hours online today? I guess it does catch me up to my average: usually I spend approximately 2 hrs online a day except for those days when I'm getting things done (like essay writing etc.)… when I spend more, and those days when I'm too busy (and thus spend less). This doesn't include online time at work of course, since the INTERNET isn't really free but rather the company internet with all that stuff is available to me… and well, I'm usually too busy to even contemplate doing non-work stuff during work time anyway — while I'm not actually as bad as Miss Goody-Two-Shoes from the broadsheet way back when (she once had only one shoe, and then ended up with two shoes, hence the name), I do tend to be rather rule bound…