Theatre and flowers :)

Now that I'm home (spending the past two days writing about the concept of 'home' is rather uh… interesting. Makes me feel glad to be home, but still want to go out there and see the world and try some new things) from watching some theatre, meaning some really really amusing short plays including Erik in three of them, I feel very awake and exhilarated… (is that word being used right? Probably not.)

It's been a day of ups and downs of course, the morning beginning with actually being relatively well rested and finally taking my hair out of the tangly mess that it had become since the murder mystery. This was promptly followed by some essay avoidance and internet time wasting… which was soon followed by class, which was interesting in and of itself: afterall it isn't every day that I watch a silent movie and Nosferatu was rather entertaining, although I did find it overdramatic (well it is a silent film!) and not particularly sensable.

After class, I volunteered to help deliver daffodils across campus. I felt bad that I didn't volunteer for more hours, but I guess every little bit helps. I miss the days of the ol' CKI office where we would fill South Lab with flowers en route to our deliveries.

Then I returned to the computer with a nasty stomach ache — probably partially due to whatever I was eating (or not eating) and the stress of floral deliveries while offices were closing for the day. The internet continued to treat me well (as per usual) and provided some good and fun tunes. [rereading this, my day sounds more humdrum than it felt… hmmm!]

Waiting for the bus this evening was one of the strangest things however. There was a middle aged woman in a black wool winter jacket (much like mine I suppose) who immediately asked me for a smoke. I shook my head no.
I'm trying to quit smoking, she explained. I was silent. Logically if you're really trying to quit you wouldn't be asking, but it's always more complicated than that — cigarettes being more addictive than heroin. What time is it? she asked as she paced the sidewalk.
Just after eight, around 8:10 I answered. The snow was falling lightly and she was pushing it about with her feet as she paced.
…I am mad at my boyfriend she continued to my haphazard nods, my mind being more occupied with other things. She kept talking, pausing to walk down the sidewalk or ask other strangers for cigarettes every so often. Do you have a boyfriend?
No, I answered. As much as it wasn't her business, I wasn't about to be rude to her.
You're slim and pretty, you shouldn't have any trouble finding a man. She continued. I didn't bother answering that. It was a nice compliment, I think, but it still struck me as odd. How old are you?
Mid-twenties I answered, not wanting to tell her too much about me.
Ah that's okay. I never met my fiance until I was 22… You're young. You have time… I wonder when the bus comes… 8:15 maybe.
In general, while she did have more to say, the whole exchange struck me as odd. She did find some other people she recognized from St. Joseph's Basilica when the bus did come, so she had someone else to talk to.

The plays were fun, and afterward we chatted in the Citadel as we watched a little mouse run about the floor. Such fun people to spend time with! The mouse was the same colour as the rocks and the concrete, so it blended well. It was a very friendly mouse, and the mouse looked rather well fed. The mouse reminded us of over-friendly wildlife like squirrels and bunny rabbits.

I wish I could be in two places at the same time more often, since it really would be nice to attend more Friday Feasts among other things… *sighs*