Musings from a tired and worn out mind… or something else to that effect

So, this weekend tells me yet again that I don't have the resiliency that I would want — I mean in a perfect world I could be a Wesley from The Princess Bride and get by on 4 hrs of sleep a night and be A-OK. Apparently I can't do this — or rather I can't do this for long. So I'm run down and mildly under the weather. Fortunately it's mild and I do have three days off from work coming up (where I SHOULD be writing up a storm for classes and whatnot… *sighs*).

As for the weekend…
Thursday was great with a CKI meeting and an excellent time with Kevin, Sheena and Monique at RATT. Hard to refuse spending time with such awesome people, especially if Kevin's treating! And I love my new sea-cow/manatee stuffed animal that he brought back from his cruise. Kevin thought of everyone from CKI with generous gifts and this stuffed animal will go well with Sharkie and Chester the beaver (both from my time on the CKI I-Board) on my bookshelf. It was also good to have poutine again — one thing that I'll miss from Montreal for sometime!

Friday was a full day of work (9-5) followed by the first Friday Feast that I've had the pleasure to attend. It was Steph's birthday so I was superly happy to be able to attend. Not only that, but I met some truly awesome people that evening and had some rather marvelous conversations. Surprisingly I even shared my LJ username with one of them! Great people! And it was nice to talk about D&D, Vampires, school, children's novels, reading, writing, and so on with people again. It's not everyday that I get to do all that and get compliments from Chris and Simon! Who would have thought it? 🙂 I was also quite pleased to catch a ride with one of the attendees. I never mind walking home or anything, but hey, it provided for more great conversation.

Saturday was an early day: 7:15am-3:15pm followed by a time at Marvel preparing for the Murder Mystery formal — I wasn't entirely pleased with the result (mostly due to the lack of actually having Jackie do my hair — Jackie's amazing!) but it worked rather well. Well enough in fact that I'm still wearing my hair semi-the-way-it-was (partly due to lack of time to change it mind you), and well have gotten a myriad of compliments (nice for the self-esteem, especially since I had my doubts at the salon. whew!).
The Murder mystery (first ever Spring Formal, second annual murder mystery) was just the right amount of crazy and bizarre to work out nicely. My character, Mrs. Christie Clairvoyant was rather over the top and very much an interesting woman — she told fortunes, wore scads of jewelry, had huge hair, was involved in politics, knew everything before it happened, and got into fights to make big scenes (well… and to hypothetically distract from Mr. Orlando Florida's attempts to steal the Twinkie stash… but that sub plot was purely ridiculous, and not accomplished at all). While my character was not the murderer or a victim, and she didn't win anything at the preposterous live auction, or win the spoons tournament, some of her rivals were murdered, and well — she had a great time! 🙂 I enjoyed playing this character, and enjoyed the yummy food and the crazy antics of the crowd. Also amusingly, I (as Ali) also won a Platinum award for service hours. Yes, apparently I never do slow down (even though I feel like I do. *shrugs*

Sunday was another full day 7-3 work, followed by a nap and preparations for the quietest edition of the Joy Luck club to date. It was only me, Beth and Elaine. I am however very pleased with the opportunity to spend time with Elaine and Beth. It was good to chat about French and men and dancing and food and being mildly under the weather and pharmacy and the future and cookies (especially Ashley's amazingly awesome cookies from the Murder Mystery thing that Beth was feeding all of us last night) and so on. Overall a good night.

Today I also worked 7-3… and then went online to catch up on the internet — I hadn't been online for my usual 2hrs/day thing since… well, Thursday? A mild addiction to blogs perhaps?

In any case, I'm incredibly pleased as of late to have been meeting so many awesome people… and staying busy yet well… reasonably well if you discount the fact that I have the sniffles. *shrugs*

Also why is it that very few people believe people when they proclaim that they find nerds/geeks attractive? Or that math is interesting? Or that my accounting friends are awesomely interesting (this one most recently came from an accounting acquaintance!), etc.? And why do people assume that because I'm doing a second degree I didn't find my first one perfectly stimulating and awesome in its own right?