I miss spinach

So, last night's event at the Chateau Louis Hotel and Conference Center (the location where my workplace often has its events, a location which unfortunately has a non-functional direct line to the Co-op taxi company phone and pretty dismal bus service) had me thinking about just how much I miss spinach.

You see, spinach, being one of my favorite vegetables (of which I have many) has been a staple food in my apartment essentially ever since I moved out of my parents' house and realized that I can't possibly go through an entire head of lettuce AND a bag of spinach before either would go bad, and so had to choose one.

Ever since spinach was contaminated with e. coli. I have really been missing it. Such great salads, soups, pastas, pizzas and so on all have spinach in 'em.

And unfortunately most spinach suppliers are from California, where the ban is still in place. Even the store rep for Alberta I was chatting with had NO idea when we'd get spinach again.

And frankly it seemed even more annoying when at dinner and the best salad from previous years simply isn't present due to lack of spinach.

Hey, I like my greens.