There's a first time for everything… of course you don't necessarily need one

Tonight was the first time I was ever given a corsage. That said, it was my work's Service Awards night (I was a recipient, hence the corsage), and I was awarded my five year award (yay for new nametags, a company pin and of course the aforementioned corsage). Not the greatest occasion for this first but a great night just the same… even the aged magician was superbely entertaining!

Now… I've been wanting to mention that (and this night when I didn't really have much of a meaningful conversation at all made me want to mention it more) it feels absolutely amazing awesome to have one of those amazing conversations again where both parties (or I guess if there's more people involved, all parties) have tonnes to say and are on the same page, and find the whole conversation superbely interesting, is worth more than the time it takes to have one of these conversations. Gosh do I love it when the serendipitous occasions arise (as one did this week to my happiness).

You know what? Life is going mega fantastically well as of late… gotta love it when things are on an upswing!