Graveyards, poetry, and fairy tales

The above post title essentially sums up my most recent academic-ish pursuits: I'm working on a series of graveyard related poems (the most recent of which was about Union Cemetery to one extent or another… yay for LSSP 2006!)…

I've also been reading a lot of fairy tales and fairy tale-esque literature like street literature and ballads. I finally finished reading the book of Grimm's fairy tales that I had taken out of the library, and just puchased (from work of all places!) a copy of Hoodwinked (a great movie! Gotta love intertextuality!!).

Anywho… that seems to be where my academic interests are running amok these days. A far cry from physiology to a certain extent (although I'm very capable of making that relevant especially given all the stories of canabalism that I've run across in the past week!).

Gotta love the fact that I'm actually writing semi-not-bad-poetry these days (by my own standards).