Foxtrot and other musings….

So when I read this comic today:

It struck me that I'd actually really enjoy doing such a sudoku. The fact that I found it oh so attractive was kind of uh… exciting? uh right…

I've been enjoying getting personal emails and phone calls lately, which is always a huge plus. Yay me! 🙂

I kind of wonder who's been reading my LJ these days… *shrugs*

On Friday the 13th while I was working, we noticed one of the most inappropriate gaits for a girl (woman?) with a super super short skirt… that is unless she WANTED every other customer at the supermarket to notice the colour of her underwear — which may be the case.

The future is looking rather bright in the working realm: that is, I'll be getting a rather large number of weekend days and nights off — remarkable for one such as me who tends to work weekends. I'm still getting good enough hours for my happiness which makes me want to jump with glee!

I think I'm going to get some good mileage out of my halloween costume this year — now I likely should prepare it at some point this week as a result.

Well, since I seem to have forgotten my awesome amazing reason for writing another thought, I guess I'll end this entry.