Many thanks to Jason, Heather and Jeff!

(Beth — you were awesome too! I totally appreciate your help organizing the tapes/books/etc.)

Last night, in my spree of calling people (I tend to do this in sprees, I've discovered) I ended up chatting with Heather, who kindly offered to rescue me from my 'achoring bookshelves to the wall' dilemma. She and Jason were totally livesavers in the anchoring the CD shelves to the wall. Later, Jeff came over (partially in response to the message I left on his machine) bringing over his drill which helped us anchor the other shelving to the cinderblock wall. No, I don't have plans on moving any time soon! 😉

While Jeff and Jason were discussing how to build houses, Heather and I caught up and with the help of Beth re-shelved my books, CDs, DVDs, tapes, and trinkets — making the floor FAR less of a disaster area! I'm actually incredibly pleased with how the whole arrangement looks. I ended up giving Heather one of my exact doubles to read, and she gave me an unexpected belated birthday present: two wonderful books that I CAN'T WAIT to read! So awesome! 🙂

I slept much better in my new bed (which'll take some getting used to!) without the crash of falling CD shelves in the night. I still can't believe how awesome all my new furniture (and sheets etc.) look! I'm definitely happy with my purchases!

Now to get to the many other tasks now necessary around my apt: homework, reference letter writing, laundry, dishes, taking out the recycling (and I guess bottles too at some point), vacuuming, reorganizing, and art production…. or at least tackle some of this list before heading to the gym and then school.