Furniture fun — and a good night's sleep!

On Sunday night, my youngest brother (who's incidentally no longer a child I suppose — HAPPY BIRTHDAY!) called me to ask if I wanted to finally make that trek to IKEA that I'd been wishing for. Of course, I accepted.

This meant that yesterday I finally made that journey to IKEA and bought the whole list of items that I'd compiled earlier — essentially a new and lovely bed with bedding (red!!), a kitchen table with chairs (that I actually like!), and some shelves (which unfortunately I still need to secure to the wall so that they don't fall down (again).

The afternoon was spent assembling (and watching the assembly of) my furniture. My brothers are super awesome! It took both of them and their vehicles to get all this stuff to my home. I'd also like to thank my mom and her amazing free-cycling habit (which I have no time for — given all my other current habits!) for taking care of my old furniture — which hopefully finds new homes.

Today was kind of fun… although I've MUCH to do by way of placing things on bookshelves and securing these shelves to the wall. Not to mention (and so I will!) the cleaning — vacuuming, dishes, recycling, dusting, and of course completing the rearrangement of my bedroom — putting a queensized bed into that space does require a bit of work to move other stuff into place! I have so much STUFF! 🙂 But hey I'm happy! And that said my good friends are on their way to help me with the shelf-securing issue! 🙂 Great fun!

Oh — and picking up the phone occasionally to call people feels good. I've got to remember this and use that apparatus more frequently!