They recalled spinach… darn my Popeye tendancies

No, they didn't recall canned spinach (and I don't eat canned spinach either, really), but, the bagged fresh stuff from the USA… and it meant throwing out one of my favorite vegetables (it also means that there isn't any at the grocery store(s)). Darnned cravings!

In other news, I think I'm getting addicted to the fun that is World Health Club. Oi! The class I went to this morning was stellar. Even with my normal uncoordinatedness acting up on occasion, it felt great! 🙂

What's with the internet these days and throwing me for a loop… surprising me at every turn? My facebook addiction only grows as I slowly add pictures (yes they're old ones currently, but hey I gotta start somewheres!).

I'm totally loving reading my great books lately. My readings for class however aren't getting any shorter.

I'm a busy critter, but I think I'm happier for it.

I wonder when it'll stop raining.