Oh my goodness… does this ever ring true sometimes… Today's FoxTrot comic:
Really points the finger at one of the major issues striking North America today.

In other news, I'm truly a fan of the new backpack I won from the Welcome to the U draw at the University. It fits my workout wear nicely plus my class stuff if I want to go straight from the gym to class.

Work was incredibly slow last night. Something about the pouring rain that makes people not want to walk home with groceries in it. The pay will be nice regardless however.

My 108 books (yeah there were eight duplicates — I guess I can choose the edition I want to keep if I don't want to keep both!) take up a remarkably large amount of space on the floor. Gosh I love CanLit! 🙂 It'll be nice once I somehow find the time to hit IKEA and buy another bookshelf (in addition to the bed I need and some other random stuff… I'm actually slowly figuring out potential dates to at least browse not to mention buy stuff, and have approximately the money that should enable me to do so). As for what I'll do with the old bed is beyond me. It's only too bad I can't find everything I'm looking to replace in the IKEA catalogue (that is that I like!).

Homework is going to be a lot of little assignments this semester… not terribly difficult to accomplish I would hope, and a couple larger items (essays/projects) that I'm considering making more difficult than they need to be — for interest's sake!

And am I ever glad that the random 400-level C LIT special topics class I registered in is about popular literature! Oh how much I enjoy pop lit/pop culture classes in Comp Lit!