back from a short computer problem plagued haitus

So now that my computer is functioning again… here I am! 🙂

And what's new in Ali's world? Not terribly much. I think I need to get out more… when I'm procrastinating homework sheerly 'cause if I did it I'd run out of fun stuff to do, that's a problem. (that is other than reading or writing which I most certainly can do!)

I'm still enamoured with the World Health Club… which is good 'cause I'm now a member. I had my first session with a personal trainer, and am changing personal trainers as a result, since I wasn't satisfied with him. Other than that small hiccup things are going smashingly well in that arena… in fact I'm feeling better about myself… and enjoying the feelings of being sore on occasion 'cause I worked different muscles than I'm normally used to! 🙂 Today I even took a yoga class… which given my lack of flexibility was a great fun challenge!!

Classes are going well. Ran into my prof at work (how often does this happen to me, really?!!?).

Friday I took the bus to South Edmonton Common and finally explored IKEA in the hopes of finding the perfect furniture for my purposes. Fortunately I did find a lot of what I was looking for… and it looks like it'll cost me just under $2000 to purchase everything I'll be needing. Next step is to get the money ready and figure out how to get it home 🙂

Maria's birthday party was a blast! So great catching up with old friends and meeting new ones! Not to mention the fact that I hadn't been to Sweet 69 in ages!! Yep… a great time.

So I guess that's all that I ought to update you all on for the moment…