News from the first week! :)

So… apparently I won 100 books from McClelland and Stewart… I can't wait for them all to arrive. I'm such a huge CanLit fan, so this'll be so utterly fantastic! 🙂

I've been going to the World Health Club… which has been crazy fun! I did a spinning class which felt remarkably good, although I was super klutzy feeling. My butt was extra incredibly sore (which only got worse after biking today, but whatever), but it was good fun! 🙂

WOW volunteering has been super fun… as has been CKI tabling. Taste of the U was better than it has ever EVER been… so happy I've been with this!

I don't yet know which class I'll be dropping, 'cause the class I went to already was super great! Sure, the prof speaks with a heavy accent, but the syllabus seems so amazing cool, with 9 guest speakers and everything… it'll be a hard choice.

As for what physical activity I'll take up after I finish my World Health Club trial… I'm still not knowing what I'll decide. I really love World Health Club as far as I've seen so it's making it hard to figure out what to do…

I got my bike checked out and in working order today… and rode it for the first time in over 6 years… I was a little off (not used to it!) but it was fun. I'll be staying off busy roadways however… but it's fun to have a bike to ride again!

So that's a little recap of what's up in my lil' world… I really ought to get to doing my homework and whatnot soon…