More gobbley gook from Ali's life :)

So yesterday was busy: I went and did the Shinerama thing in the morning, went to a meeting in the afternoon and went to the Sleeping Bag Drive In in Quad in the evening. Gosh how I love the movie V for Vendetta… each time I've seen it, I've really enjoyed it! Serenity on the otherhand was new to me… and I did truly enjoy watching it too… although for completely different reasons.

Today was fun. Work felt good… I actually felt well-rested (odd since I went to bed remarkably late and got up pretty early). I also went and did a step class at World Health Club in the morning. I'm starting to like the idea of actually getting a membership more and more — afterall if I keep on taking their classes at the frequency of 2 or more a week, it might be a more fiscally responsible decision than to take equivalent numbers of classes at the UofA (not to mention the fact that there really aren't any that are offered at convenient times.

My throat/cough thing still hasn't gone away… while it wasn't bugging me at the gym, it sure was at work today — not enough to stop me from talking or anything, but it was still mildly annoying. I might just have to take someone's advice and stop by the Health Center one of these days as it's been going on for far too long. That said, other than the throat thing, I feel remarkably healthy these days!! The exercising thing (which includes more than the visits to the gym… since I've been doing a LOT of walking and other stuff too like biking, etc.) is making me sleep better-ish (I still will need to make my bed purchase before I'll actually sleep well), not to mention having more energy these days.

It has been a long day however, so I probably ought to get some other things done — asides from posting to my lj that is!