School Starts tomorrow… and notes on the excercise adventures :)

So today, I stood at the clubs fair table for CKI for quite some time. Apparently I was a rather successful recruiter (thanks to the ICON workshop and of course Dave Kelly who presented it I would presume), so much that the pastor who sat at the nearby table struck up conversation with me several times, lauding my recruiting techniques. Odd… but a good thing I would surmise… I guess something from that excellent of excellent workshops sunk in.

So everywhere I look these days there's people warning against the dangers of facebook. Really people. Don't post anything online that you wouldn't want on public display. I follow that rule with my lj. I follow that rule with facebook. I follow that rule online everywhere. In other news, I posted my first photo album on facebook… I think I'll slowly post whatever photos I have from that event (over a year ago now) onwards that I have, unless people have objections (and I reserve the right to censor my own photos — especially those of family related things… given that facebook isn't necessarily the right forum for the display of some pictures). To view them, get a facebook account and friend me… as far as posting photos goes, this was the easiest site procedure I've ever dealt with.

Anywho, today I took advantage of the free two week trial period I have at the World Health Club. I was actually quite surprised at just how much I enjoyed it. I knew I liked elliptical machines, but I didn't realize just how much I would enjoy doing the particular circuit training routine. I'm definitely going to have to try some classes on for size there (and perhaps not just the west end location but the city center one also). I don't know if I want to make the investment (now or ever) in a real membership… although it might just be something I'll do at some point down the road, even if only after I graduate from university (again). I've never felt this comfortable in a fitness center. Sure I've not given the one at the university a fair shot just yet, but compared to the other ones I've frequented as of late (including but not limited to the ones in Mont Tremblant and UQAM), I was rather impressed.

And on that note, since I promised myself more physical activity, and since I won't be in dance class this semester (school classes interfering), and since my two week trial at the gym does expire on the 19th, I've been investigating classes in the activity guide. And hitting a brick wall. Next to nothing is offered when I'll have the guaranteed free time (yet another plus of the World Health Club… all the classes are drop in, so I can go to a smattering of those even with my rather insane-at-times schedule instead of having to stick to the same one all of the time at the same time). The stuff is offered at times when I may or may not have a class, includes some interesting stuff… but nothing that really truly sparks my interest hugely or anything like that. Most of those classes are ones offered when I'm either a) in class or b) have a high likelihood of working. If I'm going to drop that much cash on physical fitness, I may as well be able to attend. Evidently I have some dillemmas to deal with here.

So that's what's new in Ali's world. Classes start tomorrow, as does WOW volunteering. So we'll see what the future holds!