hmmm… friendship

So I've finally finished reading the 6 books assigned for the best of the year reader panel for Elle magazine. Such a variety… each of which has made me think of different things.

One of which is friendship.

You know what? I've been doing a remarkably bad job of keeping in touch with all of my friends that I feel matter most. Probably because I've been travelling this summer… or because I don't have correct contact info, or 'cause I'm just too darn stuck in my ways: chicken to call for fear of interrupting them or something reasonably unreasonable likt that. Yeah, I haven't changed completely.

But I'm working on it.

Facebook is helping (somewhat… not enough Canadians take part out of my friends at the moment), since such a large number of people I know use it.

Picking up my telephone and actually dialling even to talk to people I haven't chatted with in what seems like ages helps too.

As do emails. And chance meetings.

But gosh I'd like to hear from everyone. And not just the ones I have semi-correct contact info for either.

I'm not perfect (I'm working on contacting people more regularly… but that's not going to improve miraculously overnight either), nor is anyone else… but striving for improvement sure isn't bad.