On Black Cherry themes

So Grace's black cherry themed potluck party tonight seemed a resounding success, at least to my amateur eyes. Sure, I almost didn't remember to write down the address (well, it doesn't help that my computer decided temporarily that starting up without freezing wasn't an option except in safe mode where the internet didn't work… of course this rectified itself nicely when I disappeared temporarily and then returned… that certainly shows me for having waited to the last moment to write things down!! I should learn my lessons!), but finding it was certainly no trouble — afterall I ought to get better at socializing with my friends who just so happen to live somewhat nearby.

In any case, I was utterly impressed by people's black cherry dishes. Everyone was incredibly creative… good to meet some culinary whizzes… or rather people who can cook or mix up some excellent food all with that wonderful common ingredient.

The photo hunt that followed, now that was excellent. Never have I participated in a photo hunt that went ever so smoothly… not to mention was so short and simple: 10 great clues (kudos to Grace on this one… these took some imagination!), and one hour to fullfill them all. Needless to say we had some great times, and no we didn't break her one rule (not to do anything that would land us in jail 😉 ).

All in all, a great gathering of awesome people. I met many, saw others again after a long while, and of course had an excellent time. Many thanks to Grace for inviting me!