Home from Boston… with a cold.

So I've returned from a rather great trip to Boston (and previous to that an amazing time at my grandparents' 60th). And while I returned with a cold, I did manage to make it home EVEN with the crazy security issues (who would have thunk I'd be flying through the Logan airport right following the suspected-terrorist woman being stopped there).

Here's a few memorable moments:
— being escorted out of the mall 'cause we were taking pictures as part of our photo hunt
— the extra memorable photo hunt photo of the guys imitating a Braveheart scene (great blackmail fodder if I were into that!)
— the longest house of delegates in what must have been 20ish years!
— megaphone maddness!
— Bandu: now I NEED to get a copy of that game. If anyone could buy me it from ebay or something, I'd love ya! I know that Chris found a copy for US$13 on ebay… and after my fourth time playing it (over 2 years) I know that I need to own that excellent old Milton Bradley game!
— nights discussing the organizational structure of CKI late into the night
— Nadine's great hospitality
— Chris' raptor
— Mike ridin' the pony
— All the crazy icebreakers 'specially big booty
— the kids at the zoo, especially Timmy, my buddy!
— Union Cemetary and its ancient gravestones — the one in memory of the person who died in the Titanic was especially memorable
— the crazy items we found at the park when doing the clean up
— making baby blankets!
— making quilt squares
— the amazing architecture
— going to Cheers (and everyone knew our names)!
— Seeing the public gardens and driving past Boston Common
— the Kiwanis Family store's great selection of stuff (yeah my place gets more CKI incrusted each year)
— coming 7th out of like 80-90 people in a Texas Hold 'em tournament, playing Texas Hold'em for the very first time!!
— getting to pie Bob at the luau
— eating at Legal Sea Foods (did you know that they served their famous clam chouder at various presidential inaugurations?)
— eating at Texas Roadhouse (watching the servers linedance was great… plus the food and country tunes rocked too!)
— Bugaboos with their crazy talking moose and bear. They claimed to be based on the Canadian wilderness but I don't remember ANYTHING in Canada like that restaurant!
— line dancing
— what Chelle calls 'sex with your clothes on' or in otherwords the many dances
— two-stepping at the themed party
— s'mores at the themed party (thanks Katherine!)
— hearing about people being caught on camera in the 'make-out tent'
— the board game: Marry, Date or Dump
— playing Candyland for the first time EVER!
— playing various versions of Jenga, including 'truth or dare'
— making masks at our ball
— playing hop-scotch
— rolling a die/pinata
— fun workshops
— crazy fun cheers
— yet another Hard Rock cafe
— and so much much more!

Suffice to say, I had a great time.