The Facebook addiction…

So I'm starting to see why there's this Facebook addiction. Ever since Boston (and I guess clearly before that as well) I've been finding out more and more why I like

Now, it's even letting me crosspost all my lj posts automatically into its notes system… a rather cool idea if I say so myself!

I'm really liking finding everyone's photos from LSSP/ICON in one place.

Anywho… it might just be easiest if I just post some of my photos there (provided I get around to doing that sometime soon… etc.

Now that it's open to regional networks (like Edmonton for example) I presume that nearly anyone can sign up and use Facebook and that it's not necessarily just a college/university networking site any longer.

Just a few thoughts on the topic anyway. I like it 'cause it lets me keep in touch with all my distant and not so distant friends — in effect one of the purposes of this here livejournal!