Quick comments on recent events :)

You Are 7: The Enthusiast

You are outgoing and playful – always seeing the happy side to life.

You're enthusiastic and excitable. You love anything new.

Multi-talented, you do many things well… and find success easy.

You prefer to keep things light with others. Opening up is hard for you.

So, yesterday was a beautiful day: I went walking with Heather and saw the house she and Jason are working to build. We walked for quite a long long time — my feet were sore by the end of my work shift that evening.

I think that I'm settling back into my life in Edmonton. Interesting 'cause it won't be long before I'll be travelling again… weddings, wedding anniversaries, CKI, and fun… yeah that's my travel schedule in a nutshell.

Oh, and I'm turning 24 on the 24th. More in a future post.