July 24 = My 24th Birthday, and yes, you're invited :)

So, my birthday falls on a monday this year. Some people think that the birthday when one turns the same age as the number the birthday falls on is special. And yes, I realize that many of you will be working, thus I want to be somewhat flexible with timing.

That said, I still want to do something.

So here's what I'd like to do:

Afternoon: Depending on the weather, either hang out in the park located near my apt (on 114 and a couple blocks north of Jasper Ave) or at my apt. Frisbee and other outdoor games are possibilities… feel free to bring such things! If anyone has boccee (I can't spell!) I'd love to play that! Meeting at my place around 1-2pm and heading to the park for the afternoon.

Evening: dinner at Gabanna at approx. 6:30pm (it's Monday night, the menu tends to be cheaper as a result). This restaurant is located at approximately 112th street and Jasper Ave on Jasper Avenue.

This can be followed by generally spending some time together at my apt or otherwise… maybe we could do a walk in the river valley as a group or something to end the day. I have no idea, as this will obviously depend on when people are working and whatnot. Sorry about the short notice, but it's hard to plan stuff when I'm clear across the country. I would love to see you guys again before my summer travelling picks up.

Anywho… it's my 24th birthday and I'd like to see some of you there! Let me know if you plan on coming so I can expect you and/or make a reservation for Gabanna. I realize that many of you will be working, but would like to see and/or hear from you anyway.

Thanks everyone. I've missed you!!