Finally sort of caught up.

So I've finally caught up on all of my friends' posts on lj, others' blogs and two of my three main email accounts (my junk/contest entering account still has over 400 unread messages but I'm continuing to whittle that down).

On a more personal front… I'm back into the swing of work (they changed the computers mildly on us… some positive changes for the most part), and I've almost finished unpacking/putting stuff away (although I most certainly haven't done laundry).

I don't know where my life's going at the moment… asides from the known facts that I continually play with. I didn't get into the fiction writing class I've applied to take 3 times now for example. I miss a great deal of people whether they're in Edmonton or not, and want to see them again.

*sighs* it's time to get that ball rolling and do things of use/note again.